What’s on my montessori toddler’s bookshelf?

I’m always on the lookout for a good book for my daughter, I want her to enjoy reading as much as I do, although I don’t do it as much as I would like!

I do try to ensure they’re Montessori friendly, so that means…

  • Keeping the books as real as possible – for example stories about daily life, it’s advised to stay away from fantasy books especially while they’re really young as this can often be confusing for them when they’re not old enough to differentiate between what is real and what isn’t. I also like to provide her with books showing children from different cultures and countries.
  • see Beautifully illustrated – this will have a positive impact on the child and will most likely bring them back to the book time and time again to admire it’s beauty and interesting pictures.
  • Age appropriate – when the child is young it’s more appropriate to show them picture books, or books with flaps, and then introduce books with a few simple words, sentences. Also when they’re little they’re less likely to sit still for very long while you read them a story, so it’s best that it’s kept quite simple. In the stage between 1 and 2 years I would often find it hard to get through a book properly with Binti, she would be grabbing at the pages or wanting to see what was on the next one, quicker than I could read the few words on that page! but now as she’s getting bigger I’m starting to see a big difference in her….mainly that she’s actually letting me read the story! 🙂
  1. http://avpsolutions.com/blog/tag/consumer-trends/page/5/ Contains rich language – avoiding baby talk, and using descriptive words.  This is much more beneficial for the child, just as we speak properly to our children in every day life, the books we bring to them should also be doing the same thing. Also look for books that have rhyme in them.

These are some of the books we currently have in Binti’s book collection, the two top ones were just delivered yesterday and she’s enjoyed them both.

This lovely board book takes you through the day in the life of a sweet, energetic, often rambunctious baby girl, she actually reminds me of Binti quite a bit! 😉 alot of repetition on each page starting with the sentence ‘please, baby, please.. the ending’s pretty sweet, a nice little read.


This is a nice little book about a small boy who wakes up one morning to discover that everything is covered with snow, and then takes you on a journey as he sets out to explore his surroundings.


Has pictures of children from around the world playing alone or with their friends.  Some of the countries included are : Vietnam, Mali, Brazil and South Africa.


A nicely illustrated board book about summer.  Explores the unique visual and sensorial characteristics of this season with adorable characters.  The book has a lovely, glossy feel to it.  Part of a series of books about the seasons.


Binti has requested this book many times.  We often go through it copying the hand movements, such as waving and hugging to say ‘I love you.’  Large, colourful pictures throughout starting with the caption ‘hands can….’ Definitely a winner in our house!


We’ve had this one for quite a while now, beautiful pictures of babies from around the world with a very small amount of text on each page.  I found Binti the other day sitting there just looking through it.  There’s one page with a sweet little baby from South Africa sticking his tongue out, each time she gets to that page she likes to do the same thing.


A lovely lift the flap book, and a favourite of Binti’s.  Follow Sam the dog as he whizzes round the farm chasing all the different noises of the animals.


We picked up this adorable, little book in a charity shop quite a while back.  Full of adorable photos of animals hugging with a short sentence on each page such as ‘hugging’s so easy you can do it in your sleep’ or hugs can shield you from the big wide world.’  Although I’m not sure if it’s aimed at children, it’s still a lovely book to look at and read through with your child.


Not a story book but this one is always out on Binti’s book display.  She likes to look through and asks me ‘what’s that?’ as she points to each sandpaper letter.  Not so long back she would often open the book and go straight to the letter ‘O’ and trace it with her finger whilst saying the sound.




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